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 Nomesattck's Guide To Quality Forum Posting

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PostSubject: Nomesattck's Guide To Quality Forum Posting   Nomesattck's Guide To Quality Forum Posting EmptySun Jul 08, 2012 12:41 pm

Nomesattack's Guide To Quality Forum Posting

Let's get straight into so you all can educate yourselves on how to become forum legends.

- How To Post
In all honesty you will even notice this yourself. If you make a thread about something and everyone just posts mindless things like "Cool man", "Good luck", "Keep it up bro". It really will upset the thread starter and a lot of other people because it makes it look like you don't care and are only here for post count/points. You can accomplish a quality post without having to write huge paragraphs every time. Examples:
"I wish you the best of luck on your goal to 99 Runecrafting Mark", "Your progress has inspired me to keep moving. Keep up the good work and I will be sure to check back on this thread", "Yes the update today was kinda ridiculous they never should have added in torva boots".

Not everything needs to be that way there is always time for purposely trolling such as things like: "Get on my level 400 forum points bitches", "LOL da fuq is that pic of?", "Oh ok you're real cool man Wink jk lol" etc..

- Don't be afraid to start threads
Just because people are giving your threads mindless responses it's not your fault. It's usually because they don't even any of the thread and just post a generic response that would work on any thread. Not everyone is like that there are people that enjoy just reading threads, seeing whats going on in the world/ our community. So never be afraid to start a thread.

- Other Tips
Don't be a complete noob try to put some level of grammar in your posts. Sentences starting with capital letters, bullet points when needed, commas, and such. It will make you look much more sophisticated.

Don't be that guy that just posts for the sake of post count, post because you mean what you are saying
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Nomesattck's Guide To Quality Forum Posting

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