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 My 1-99 Woodcutting Guide

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PostSubject: My 1-99 Woodcutting Guide   Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:56 am

Hi guys, I want to help some of you while I have some time to spare. I have 99 Woodcutting
and I thought why not make a Guide for Woodcutting 1-99. This guide took me awhile so leave some tips for me on how to make it better in the future please. Enjoy this guide and I hope it helps you.

This guide will contain:
What is chopped
Level Requirements

Woodcutting is one of the easiest skills, fun and sometimes money rewarding.
The items that you'll need for 1-99 is Hatchets. The types of hatchets your're going to be using is Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant, Rune and Dragon. Always use the highest one available.
This is how they look:

~ Lumberjack Set - increases experience by 2.5% which you can get by playing the Temple Trekking minigame.
~ Woodcutting Ring - You get one of these while working on the clan citadel.
~ Rabbit-Foot Necklace - This is important because it increases your chances of a bird's nest drop.

Bird's Nests:

Sometimes while training your Woodcutting level on trees, a bird’s nest will fall with a reward inside. Within these nests, you can find tree seeds, eggs and rings. Here is a list of the items which can be found in these nests:

Tree Seeds:

Apple Tree Seed
Banana Tree Seed
Willow Seed
Orange Tree Seed
Curry Tree Seed
Maple Seed
Papaya Tree Seed
Pineapple Seed
Yew Seed
Palm Tree Seed
Magic Seed
Calquat Tree Seed
Spirit Seed


Gold Ring
Sapphire Ring
Emerald Ring
Ruby Ring
Diamond Ring

Eggs: (Used to make summoning pets)

Bird Egg (Red) – Can be used to make the Zamorak Hawk (Level 70 Summoning)
Bird Egg (Blue) – Can be used to make the Saradomin Owl (Level 70 Summoning)
Bird Egg (Green) – Can be used to make the Guthix Raptor (Level 70 Summoning)

Now time to get started:

Levels 1/15 - Logs
These can be found in Varrock, Southwest of the West Bank or South of G.E. You'll need to cut 97 logs to get Level 15. You can also bank these very quickly and easily by going to the Northeast Bank. If you're P2P, I recommend you bring a knife and cut them into arrow shafts.


Levels 15/30 - Oak Logs
These are in the same spot as Logs but more south. You'll need to cut 293 Oak logs to get to Level 30; you can also bank these if you wish to use them for Firemaking.


Levels 30/99 - Willow Logs F2P(30-99) or P2P(30-35 or 30-60)
If your're F2P I suggest you go to Draynor Village, West of bank. If your P2P I suggest going to the Barbarian post using the deposit box inside the building. There isn't any requirement for using the depoist box, but you will need a Gamers' Necklace for a faster way there, it can be bought at the G.E. You should be making 40k-50k xp/hr.

You will need 6,461 Willow logs to get to 65 and 192,905 to get to 99 from level 30.

Draynor Village


Barbarian Outpost


Levels 35/65 - Teak Logs
The requirement for this is Monkey Madness Quest, these Logs can be found in Ape Atoll and Karamja. I've never done this but I'm sure that people can give you some tips
on how to get there and what items to use.

You'll need 5,042 Teak logs to get to 65 and 153,083 to get to 99 from 35.


Ape Atoll:

Levels 68/99 - Ivy Branches
Ivy can be cut at level 68. At level 68 is gives roughly 55,000xp per hour. It does not give logs, but is 332.5xp per 'log' cut, which compensates for the lack of yield. It is advised to wear a strung rabbit's
foot as you cut ivy along with a dragon hatchet. From 75 to 99 roughly 4m can
be earned through collecting the bird nest drops. Ivy is best to cut at the
Varrock location so you can flip at the same time, as well as farm trees at the front of the castle.
You will need to cut 1,821 Ivy to get to 75 and 37,382 to 99 all from 68.

All locations of ivy are as follows:


Levels 65/99 - Yew Logs
These can be found Southwest of Camelot's bank. You can cut them until Level 99 while
banking them and you'll make quite a lot of money. Or you can cut until Level 80 and go to Ivy which can be found South Castle Wars on the Wall.

You will need to cut 4349 yews to reach level 75 from 65.


Levels 75-99 - Magic Trees / Yews
You can either continue with the yews or start with magics. Magic trees are not really a good way to earn experience, as they are very slow to cut. However, each magic log can be sold for 1000gp each! You can also continue cutting yews, which will give you more experience. But as always, getting any 99 takes a long ass time. So if you want profit I would go with Magic Trees, but if you want experience I suggest Yew Trees.

You will need to cut 67566 yews or 47297 magic logs to reach level 99 from level 75!


For fast exp, chop Ivy's at lvl 68, For slower exp but good gp, chop Magic's
Note: I did not take in effect for the lumberjack bonus for the amount of logs needed to be chopped.

I hoped you guys like this Guide! More to come always.


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PostSubject: Re: My 1-99 Woodcutting Guide   Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:04 am

Nice guide, for fast xp, do ivy, for gp do magics
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PostSubject: Re: My 1-99 Woodcutting Guide   Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:11 am

Nice guide

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PostSubject: Re: My 1-99 Woodcutting Guide   

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My 1-99 Woodcutting Guide

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