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 Complete Guide to Forum Badges

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PostSubject: Complete Guide to Forum Badges   Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:07 pm

RuneWish Badge Index
This is a constantly updated thread that will explain what each badge means and how it can be obtained. This section is managed and constantly updated by your forum operators, thank them for all their hard work whenever you see them. Not every forum badge will get a name color change.

This is the highest forum rank. Administrators work hard daily to make sure you are receiving the best experience possible. They work to secure the forum, ban scammers, create and release new content, and over all keep the forum experience what it is.

Right under the Admins are our moderators. Moderators are hard working mini admins. They take more time to control and maintain the forum, apply upgrades, in-game events, they do so much. They help out the Admins, this way the admins can focus on releasing new quality content and managing current content.

Citadel Managers
Citadel Managers are in charge of making sure the citadel is running smoothly. The also plan clan epic clan events and drop parties. They are in charge of recruiting new members and adjusting clan rankings. Citadel Managers work to ensure our citadel is moving at full force.

Host Managers
Host Managers are a big part of what keeps RuneWish Dicing running so smoothly. Each Host Manager is in charge of a group of hosts, they make sure they are performing to our high standards and that they are active and hosting frequently. Host Managers also help you all with IRC problems. Host Managers also have frequent drop party hosted by the Manager and his/her host group.

Point Managers
Point Managers work hard to make sure the point system runs as smooth as possible. They are the ones that add and deduct points after your wagers. They also come up with new point based content. You can also thank them for point auction items, they buy items that you can auction to buy with points.

Graphic Designers
Graphic Designers control the majority of graphics work on this forum. The are paid by us to provide quality grahpics to make the forum look as professional as possible. Graphic Designers also are in charge of hosting grahpics contests. Another major job they do is monitoring the trade of graphics in the graphics forums. The graphics team also decides who gets to join the graphic design team.

Elite Members
Being an Elite Member is the start of you way up the clan tier system. This is a applied position in the clan. Elite members are members who have shown they are dedicated to these forums, caring of the community, and highly educated forum users/game players. Elite Members also get access to a private Elite section of the forum were managers, moderators, and admins openly discuss topics with the Elite's. This is the start of the RuneWish tier system so if you show activity, dedication, and show yourself as an overall outstanding member you could very well receive a private message with a promotion to a manager position/moderator position. Learn about becoming an Elite Member HERE

These are the prestigious dice hosts of RuneWish. These are trusted users that want to provide you with quality safe, and cheap dice hosting. They are the ones in game that host your wagers, and every week they give a portion of their profits to their host manager to host a drop party for you forum users.

Tutors are some of the hardest working people on the forum. The are answering your questions live in our IRC channel #RuneWish. They are also moderating the 'Help Center' forum and helping you out with technical forum issues, or any other issues you may have. Tutors also are in charge of answering your questions in the 'RuneScape Help' section, Tutors are very knowledgeable people and can really provide quality help. To learn about becoming an tutor check out: The Tutor Applications

Verified Merchant
This is the most trustworthy badge you can earn as a trader without being staff. This shows you are dedicated to providing quality business to the forum and you have the badge to show for it. These users go through a rigorous application process to earn the prestigious title of Verified Merchant. To learn about applying for this badge check out: The Merchant Application Section

VIP Members
These are users that donated a bit of money to help us keep the forum up and running. In return we give them, NO ADS, Amazing content in the VIP hidden forum such VIP only drop parties, VIP only guides, and much more. VIP can be purchased with RSGP, PayPal even forum points. Learn more about VIP HERE.

Donators are generous users that care about the forum enough to make a donation to help keep us running. Donators simply donate and receive the designated badge in return for their kindness. Having a donator badge shows that you have respect for this forum and increases your style around the community.

Banned Users
Banned Users are people that broke a major forum rule such as, scamming, hacking, virus spreading etc.. Banned users are given this badge so people know not to associate with their old threads. Moderators/Admins do their best to wipe out all dangerous threads posted. But the banned badge is applied to let you know not to associate with that users posts.
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Complete Guide to Forum Badges

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