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 What Kinds of Guides Belong Here?

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PostSubject: What Kinds of Guides Belong Here?   Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:26 pm

This forum section is for FREE RuneScape money making guides written by members of our forum community. These are various other ways to start building your wealth fairly quick.

What types of guides belong here:
- FREE, Remember this if for free guides the paid section is in the marketplace (Feel free to make a sample or 'lite' version of your guide here and then sell a full copy in the marketplace)
- Not obvious, We want unique methods that most people don't know about. Don't make guides about flax picking, and woodcutting magic logs. We want to see new unique methods.
- Nothing external required, must remain in game. No other websites involved in the process.
- NO glitches, bugs, scams etc
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What Kinds of Guides Belong Here?

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