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 Scam Prevention For All Service Buyers/Sellers [MUST READ]

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PostSubject: Scam Prevention For All Service Buyers/Sellers [MUST READ]   Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:13 pm

Section I - The Squeal Of Fortune Screwing Over
JaGex has now made it were if you are using the 'recurring every month' option for your RuneScape payment it will save your credit card information on your RuneScape account. It only takes 3 clicks for them to spend $1000's of dollars on squeal of fortune spins. So you will want to un-sync your credit.

To do so go to Upgrades (is if you were about to buy membership) > Then click 'Saved Cards' at the bottom right of the page > Find the 'Delete' button and this will unsave your credit card details therefore not linking them to your RuneScape account.

Section II - The Switcheroo
Sometimes a scammer will take a bit of gp, and a bit of your runes, and a bit of your dragonhide sets which can easily add up to 20m+ without you even noticing. Remember to take screenshots of your bank before handing your account over for a service. After the service is complete refer to your previous screenshots and check to see if everything is ok.

Section III - Use Common Sense
Don't go paying 180M for 99 dungeoneering off of somebody with no vouches who joined 3 days ago. Go to the people with tons of service vouches and make sure you are safe.

If somebody new wants to get vouches and is offering free services try to do things that don't require a bank pin and a small level ups to help earn them a vouch.

Stay safe,

- RuneWish Administration
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Scam Prevention For All Service Buyers/Sellers [MUST READ]

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