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 How to get rewards for resource caps & what is a resource cap

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PostSubject: How to get rewards for resource caps & what is a resource cap   Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:39 pm

All About Resource Rewards

Section I - What is this forum section and what are resources?
This forum section gives you the opportunity to earn a ton of forum points for helping collect resources for the clan citadel. Resources are things such as lumber, iron, cloth etc, we are required to collect a certain amount of these every week to upgrade our citadel to the next level. We obviously need all the help we can get so we offer you massive form points in return. +10 EVERY TIME you post your resource cap, and on crucial deadline weeks we have anywhere from +40-100 with a random VIP membership giveaway.

Section II - How does this forum section work?
This forum section only has one purpose. Citadel Managers will post designated threads in which you are to post an image of you collecting your resource cap. DO NOT CREATE THREADS OR POST ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR RESOURCE CAPS IN THIS FORUM SECTION.

Here is an example of a resource cap screenshot:

In this picture you can see I am in the clan citadel, with my resources tab open (displays once you enter the citadel). It shows that I have collected 1000/1000 stone, RuneScape has a limit based on what level your citadel is, in this picture it was 1000. This is what a resource cap screenshot is this is what you would post on the designated thread.

Section II - How do I take images?
I highly suggest using SwiftKit, SwiftKit is a RuneScape toolkit developed by Zybez it has so many features and we tend to use it a lot here at RuneWish. SwiftKit has a built in screenshot tool so you just press 'Print Screen' on your keyboard and it will allow you to upload the image as a URL link. Once you have this link simply post it on the designated thread for that week.

If you are not using SwiftKit you will need to do this the slower way. Once you have your resource cap press the 'Ctrl' key and the 'Print Screen' also known as 'PRNTSCRN' at the same time. Then open up a Paint file and press 'CTRL+v' Crop the image using paint and then go to and upload your image file. You will be given a link, simply post that link as a reply to the designated thread for that week.
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How to get rewards for resource caps & what is a resource cap

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