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 Graphics Section Rules

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Graphics Section Rules Empty
PostSubject: Graphics Section Rules   Graphics Section Rules EmptyTue Jul 03, 2012 5:14 pm

Graphics Section Rules

Ripping is an act defined as taking/using art work that belongs to someone else without their permission. On RuneWish we have zero tolerance for ripping graphics.

Am I Ripping?
Using things such as textures, C4D's, Stock Images or other resources that you have received from a graphics pack, and implementing them into your own work is fine.
Taking things from other people's work files such as a .PSD, .C4D and implementing them into your own work without that person's permission is considered ripping.
Things such as backgrounds, painted artwork or any sort of whole piece should not be implemented into your own work.

Wholesale of Graphics
The Wholesale of graphics is allowed here on RuneWish, feel free to open your own graphic shop thread in the graphics section.
The sale of resources will first have to be checked for proof that YOU have made them, in that case PM a graphics moderator and they can assist you there.

If a person posts their work in this section, posting things such as "8/10" or "OMG NICE" is considered spam, If you like it elaborate on why.
Offensive or Harsh comments will lead to infraction, if you don't like a persons work post on ways they can improve.

No Porn, Nudity, Hentai is allowed.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a temporary or permanent forum ban, depending on the circumstance.
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Graphics Section Rules

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