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 Black Market Rules Regarding Gold

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Black Market Rules Regarding Gold Empty
PostSubject: Black Market Rules Regarding Gold   Black Market Rules Regarding Gold EmptyMon Jul 02, 2012 1:25 am

This will cover some basic black market rules and guidelines to improve you experience here. If you are unsure of something don't be afraid to ask in the help center of the forum.

Thread Titles
You can't just come in and make your thread title [TRUSTED][LEGIT]100% Quality Gold 4 U .56/M[TRUSTED][LEGIT]

You can't use those [Trusted] and [LEGIT] Tags here you can only use tags based on what you have achieved here.

If you have vouches you can have a tag saying [VOUCHED]
If you are a Manager you have a tag saying [MANAGER]
If you have 100+ vouches your tag can say [100+ Vouches]
If you are a verified merchant your tag can say [VERIFIED MERCHANT]

Vouches on other sites
Vouches on other sites won't mean as much there as they do here. But you can still bring them up in certain cases. If you are a very popular seller on Sythe for example you can request to have a Moderator or Administrator verify that you are who you claim you are on Sythe. They will vouch that you are that person on your thread and you can reference your vouches there to show you previous transactions. We will only do this to very well known names on other websites.

If for example you have 16 vouches on sythe and 3,000 posts we are not going to verify that and we won't let you claim to be that person unless it is a moderator or something of that nature. We are talking about people with a lot of vouches wanting to bring their services from one forum to ours.

- Remember that only Verified Merchants, Moderators, and Admins can middleman trades.

- Don't just reply to a MSN/Skype message you get about gold if you did not previously contact this person through the forums they could be an impostor so feel free to request them to private message you on the forums.

- Record your trades, we want you to help us rid this forum of scammers by recording your trades you have undeniable evidence that you were scammed.

- Trade big with trusted people, don't go and buy 450m off somebody with no previous records. Buy 450m off the guy with the Verified Merchant badge with Vouches. If you wan't to buy cheap or help out the new guy go low and only do small trades with them until they build up their vouches just like everyone else.

Stay Safe & Thrive You Successful Merchants

- RuneWish Administration
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Black Market Rules Regarding Gold

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