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 RuneWish Forum Rules

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PostSubject: RuneWish Forum Rules   Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:29 am

RuneWish Forum Rules

Discussion Rules
1. Spamming, Attempts to boost your post counts with mindless posting will result in a warning and then a ban. Do NOT post useless things to quickly boost your post count.

2. Swearing/Cursing, we do allowing you to swear/curse on the forums as long as it is not harshly directed at another user or said to be offensive. We realize some people naturally speak with profanity and we do allow the use of it so long as it is not directed in a offensive way.

3. Advertising, we do not mind if you advertise other RuneScape based sites or gaming websites. We DO NOT allow you to advertise other websites such as 'cheap services', 'sale of products', 'free real life items' etc..

4. Inappropriate content, please do not post gore, pornography, or drugs). This includes setting your signature and avatar to a pornagraphic based image, even if other members 'enjoy' it we want this forum to be clean for everyone. There is a certain point where we draw the line if you are not sure simply ask any manager or higher.

5. Links, Do NOT link other users to sites that have suspicious content. We do not allow you to post any download links unless they are verified by an Admin or are on our accepted list.
List for accepted download links

Along with that DO NOT post any sharecash, linkbucks. This includes lockerz invites and anything of that nature is not allowed here.

Activity Rules
6. Forum Points, The ability to build and spend your forum points is a privilege we give to you, any attempt to boost forum points will result in forever freezing your points at 0.

7. Illegal Activity, RuneWish takes no part in illegal activity and we do not want to see any threats, hacks, drugs, or anything of that nature here.

8. Attempts to impersonate, Attempting to impersonate any staff, other RuneScape player, YouTuber or anyone for that matter will be accompanied by an investigation and can even result in a permanent ban. This also includes pretending to be a girl/boy, do not even take the risk and just be yourself.

Marketplace Rules
9. Account Trading, We do not allow RuneScape account trading. I

10. Scamming, will result in an investigation followed by a ban. All forums of scamming will result in a permanent ban from these forums.

11. Middle Men, Only Verified Merchants, Moderators, and Admins can middle man trades at RuneWish.

12. Account Renting/Lending, We do not allow any form of account rentals/lending.

Stay Safe & Follow The Rules For The Best Overall Forum Experience

- RuneWish Administration

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RuneWish Forum Rules

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