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Welcome to RuneWishTV,
This is a special forum dedicated to sharing, discussing and promoting YouTube videos. We will have various events for video makers and viewers, including RuneWishTV awards, video of the week, promoted channels/videos, and even some of our own videos from the RuneWish community.

If you are a video maker looking to get some extra support go ahead and create a thread in this section promoting your YouTube channel and give your thread a nice clean look to it.

If you are a video viewer feel free to leave feedback and suggestions, even ratings on these peoples threads. Let them know your thoughts as a viewer and tell them how they can improve their channel.

Video of The Week
Every week we open up a video submission sticky in this forum. You submit your videos Sunday-Thursday, Thursday/Friday you vote on a video we selected as the top 5. Then the video with the most votes gets their video added from that Friday night through the next Friday night. We like to show video of the week winners love by subscribing, commenting, and liking their videos.

Promoted Videos/Channels
Promoted videos and channels are given to people that have really helped RuneWish. With either a big shoutout or a big support donation. The Promoted Videos/Channels are people that either need that head start on YouTube or that push from average YouTuber to famous YouTuber. From past experiences promoted channels from RuneWish result in 50-200 subs within the first week, and much more YouTube attention. Promoting your video or channel is a great way to get noticed. Private message Yous if you want to promote your channel and videos.
Happy viewing,

What You Should Post In The Section
- Your Videos, Wow us and make a thread dedicated to your channel and your videos. We love seeing new video makers start up and we love to help you out as a community.

- Other Videos, post any RuneScape videos you find funny, crazy, silly, amazing etc..

- Advertisements, feel free to advertise your clans, merchanting guides, tutorials etc.. Through your YouTube videos.

- RuneWishTV Team
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