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 Too may guides I think not :D

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PostSubject: Too may guides I think not :D   Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:23 pm

This guide is going to focus on all the pm I got ( hint I got a lot) Now if someone can make a good step by step guide on uploading pics I would be Great! Continuing on this guide is going to foucus on med level money making.

Bots the most stupid rs player ever kill em easy and than you can even skull em. This guide is not going to be on skulling , but instead just getting the bones and d hide.

Like I said bots are stupid so dont be afraid to fight someone 10 higher combat than you

Requirements: Anti_dragon fire shield/ Anti-fire potion/Gmaul or dds / some food.

Recommendations: Shark/ 43 prayer/ Prayer potions/ Super att/ Super str/ good armor/

The location I personally recommend is by the lava maze reason # 1 because revents have pk clans #2 Higher wildly so if low combat you can still kill somebody. And the spawn rate is of the hook (lol) if you just want to kill them for there bones. REMEMBER always take the bones over the hide bones are worth more , if down to it. Have any questions or you want more guides find me in the runewish fc or just pm me Thank you
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PostSubject: Re: Too may guides I think not :D   Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:04 pm

First you take a screenshot my clicking "Prt Scr/SysRq" on your keyboard, then you open up "Paint", just click Start and then search "Paint" open that, then press " Ctrl + V" and the picture will apper, crop it and do what you want to it. Then save it, once you have a screen shot that you want, click the button above where you type that looks like then click on Choose File right below "Host an Image". Find the picture you want and double click it. After you chose it, click Host it, and then Copy the Image URL, then click on the button that looks like this . Then enter the URL you got from the First button then click ok. Your image should then appear.

PIN Selling Service

Fireune 01's Vouch Thread Very Happy

I HAVE permission for all of the videos I am uploading, I take NO credit what so ever in the videos I upload, I just upload them for the Owner's credit.
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Too may guides I think not :D

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