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 === Flower Betting Guide ===

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=== Flower Betting Guide === Empty
PostSubject: === Flower Betting Guide ===   === Flower Betting Guide === EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 2:12 am

Flower Betting Guide

Welcome here you will learn every method of betting at RuneWish. The current methods are Hot/Cold, Flower Poker, and ABC Flowers. Read and understand the rules to avoid confusion when betting.

==== ABC Flowers ====
This is a duel between two betters with 50/50 odds.
1. You trade your bet to a host and somebody else calls(matches) your bet
2. The host will say "Planting flower for [YOURNAME]", Then the host will say "Planting flower for [OtherBettersName]"

The flowers go in order alphabetically here is the chart:

=== Flower Betting Guide === Black_flowers=== Flower Betting Guide === Blue_flowers=== Flower Betting Guide === Orange_flowers=== Flower Betting Guide === Flowers_%28pastel%29=== Flower Betting Guide === Purple_flowers=== Flower Betting Guide === Flowers_%28mixed%29=== Flower Betting Guide === Red_flowers=== Flower Betting Guide === White_flowers=== Flower Betting Guide === Yellow_flowers

Alphabetically it goes:

- If a Black or White flower is planted during a ABC flower wager you get a free 500k regardless of weather you win or lose -

The host keeps 5% commission on ABC flowers

==== Flower Poker ====
NOTICE: Flower poker takes up an exceptional amount of space and can get messy so when playing flower poker please follow the host from the main dice spot to a little behind the wall. When Playing flower poker stay out of the blue box (our main betting area) and go into the red area.
=== Flower Betting Guide === 120706004123

How to play flower poker:
Flower Poker can be Better vs Host, Better vs Better, or even Multiple Better vs better vs better vs better... It all depends on what the host is hosting and what you prefer.

1. To play flower poker place your bet with the host and make it clear if you want better vs better, host vs better, or some sort of 3 way 4 way etc..
2. Once the bet is made follow the host toward the red area in which flower poker is played
3. When the host says go you will plant a row of 5 flowers. REMEMBER flowers are planted in the west direction as you plant you will move west so make sure to be a tleast 5 spaces up north.

You will plant your five flowers and the winner will be determined by the plant:
=== Flower Betting Guide === 120706004925
This is an example, let's say you planted the flowers in the pink circle and I planted the ones in the blue circle.

- In the pink circle there is a match of two orange flowers also known as a 1 pair
- In the blue circle there is a match of two purple flowers also known as a 1 pair

For this game it would be called a tie and we would have to replant.

Here are the flower ranks
(In order from worst to best)
=== Flower Betting Guide === 120706010914

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=== Flower Betting Guide ===

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